Josephine’s Garden

Introducing Josephine’s Garden! A Handwork Adventure Package



Josephine’s Garden and Elongated Hexagon Stamp

Josephine's Garden 35" x 42"

Josephine’s Garden
35″ x 42″

The quilt finishes to 35″ x 42″ and suitable for the beginner as well as the experienced quilter.  A great quilt to introduce hand piecing, hand applique, hand embroidery, and hand wool applique.

This quilt is made with only ONE template stamp, the new ELONGATED HEXAGON.  This stamp is included in the Handwork Adventure package.  It is NOT the same as the traditional hexagon or the “pointed tile”.  A brand new stamp for a brand new adventure.

Elongated Hexagon

Elongated Hexagon

This quilt was inspired by the colors and flavors of France.  If you purchase the “Handwork Adventure” you will receive an 8 1/2″ x 11″ format pattern which includes the new stamp.  The pattern has all the steps, including 3 color pages and layout for the embroidered vine and placement of the wool flowers and bees.

Each month or so beginning in January 2016, I’ll be posting a blog that will help you in your adventure while working on your own piece.  I’m so excited to see what you will do with the pattern!

The first blog will be on choosing fabrics.  I think you will like to see my inspiration and how I chose fabrics when designing.

Additional supplies needed but not included:
Ink, Valdani Garden Collection, Quilting thread for hand piecing, Needles (sharps and chenille’s), my book “Tiny Stitches” if you will be hand quilting your project.