Aunt Hattie’s Hexagon and Connector Stamps

aunt hatties hexagon Hexagon connector for Aunt Hatties
aunt hatties hexagon stamps 002
Aunt Hattie’s Hexagon $20.00
This is the original size hexagon designed many years ago. Each side measures 1 1/8”. (2” x 2 ¼” tall finished) Use this stamp alone to make a “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” pattern or use it in conjunction with the “Star Garden stamp” or “Hexagon Connector stamp” for other options. (Star Garden and Hexagon Connector are sold separately.) Note: Purchase fabric ink pads separately.

Aunt Hattie’s Connector Stamp $20.00
Use this stamp in a new way to connect your traditional “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” quilt. Make all your blocks and half blocks first then use the stamp to “connect” them. The stamp has a line to cut to make the small triangle pieces, no need for 2 stamps. Don’t forget to order the “Aunt Hattie’s Hexagon” to make the “flowers”. Note: Purchase fabric ink pads separately.