3/4 inch Hexagon

stamps 017 3/4" Hexagon Connector Stamp
3/4” Hexagon $20.00
This hexagon measures ¾” per side. (1 3/8” x 1 ½” tall finished size) This stamp is the easiest way to make hexagons with no paper or whip stitching. Pressing is a breeze, too. Note: Purchase fabric ink pads separately.
3/4″ Hexagon Connector $20.00
This stamp connects with the 3/4″ Hexagon. Just make your hexagon “flowers” and then using a contrasting fabric connect them! The stamped diamonds can be cut down where indicated on the line to make the connecting triangles, so you get 2 shapes on one stamp. Instructions are included. (Order the 3/4″ hexagon separately.)