Template Stamps


Template stamps are rubber stamps that have both the cutting line and the piecing line. It saves tracing templates over and over. The sets can be used with the enclosed patterns (no pattern included with the 3″ Triangle), or use your imagination and make other blocks or settings from the same stamp set. Single stamps are great for charm quilts.Use preinked fabric ink pads for best results. Brown can be seen on the back of most fabrics. White is available for dark fabrics. Reinkers are available for both pads. You can usually get at least one quilt out of a preinked pad. Note: purchase preinked fabric ink pads separately
Most of the discontinued stamps can be special ordered. Contact Cindy here for complete information about the particular stamp(s) you need.


There are three sizes of hexagon stamps available: 1/2″ (Mini), 3/4″ and 1 1/8″ (Aunt Hattie’s Hexagon).
Connector stamps are available for the 3/4″ and the 1 1/8″ hexagons. Half hexagon add on stamp is available for 1 1/8″ (Aunt Hattie’s Hexagon).

Hexagon length is measured along one side.

1/2″ Hexagon

3/4″ Hexagon and Connector

Mini Hexagon stamp 3/4" Hexagon stamp 3/4" Hexagon Connector Stamp

1 1/8″ Hexagon – Auntie Hattie’s Hexagon and Connector

Aunt Hattie's Hexagon Aunt Hatties Hexagon connector stamp

Limited Quantity Template Stamps

Cracker Box

3″ Triangle

Apple Core

Carpenter’s Star
4 3/4″ LeMoyne Star

3″ Churn Dash blocks

3″ Lemoyne Star

Little House stamp is PERFECT for little scraps!

Little House

Pointed Tile

Pointed Tile

3″ Sawtooth Star

Sawtooth Star

Spool Block

Sugar Loaf

Sugar Loaf



Tall Triangle


Vintage Thimble

Vintage Thimble