Ink Pads and Refills

Ink for my stamps

Ink for my stamps

Use these preinked fabric ink pads for best results when using my stamps. Brown can be seen on the back of most fabrics. White is available for dark fabrics. Reinkers are available for both pads. You can usually get at least one quilt out of a preinked pad.

This is FABRIC permanent ink.  It won’t wash out, it won’t bleed through.  It is archival, so that means it doesn’t have acid and won’t damage your fabric.
To use, simply tap your stamp on the pad until all the lines are covered.  Press down firmly on the backside of the fabric.  If your stamp is large, simply tap a couple times to make sure the lines are covered.  No need to heat set.

Brown Ink Pad by VersaCraft

Brown Ink Refill by VersaCraft

Brown VersaCraft Fabric Ink Pad $ 9.00

Brown VersaCraft Fabric Ink Refill $ 7.75

White Ink Pad by VersaCraft

White Ink Refill by VersaCraft

White VersaCraft Fabric Ink Pad $ 9.00

White VersaCraft Fabric Ink Refill $ 7.75