Homemade New Year

It was very busy here at the new studio for a few days.  My 9 year old grand daughter  wanted to finish her tumbler quilt that she had started last June when I visited.  She read my “Tiny Stitches” book from cover to cover and even quoted me word for word.  Wow!  The mind of the young!  Anyway, I got her started working on my sewing machine to finish up the last row.

Christmas2012 104 (640x427)

She was so excited to be working on it.  BTW, the tumbler is PERFECT for a child, either by hand or machine.  This was her first attempt at machine work and the stamped lines REALLY helped.

Christmas2012 106 (640x453)

After layering and basting, she chose one of my favorite valdani perle cotton colors called “Lollipop” to big stitch the piece together.  Look at that “thimble action”.  A grammy has to be proud!

Christmas2012 119 (640x427)

She did get the binding sewn on as well, so it went home a FINISHED piece!




Merry “Quilty” Christmas

Just wanted to make sure you all get a special greeting and Merry Christmas from my new studio!  I got to sew this week with my friend, Priscilla.  She became my first “official” studio guest!

Hand piecing in the new studio!

I worked on some embroidery and my new quilt design with a new stamp I hope to have out soon.

Our house is just about ready for guests and I took a picture for your enjoyment of the cozy living room ready for the grand kids to tear into the presents.  (Should I take an “after” picture?)

Ready for Christmas.

Hope you have time this year to spend time with friends and reflect on the many blessings that the Lord has given us.  You are all very special to me and I wish you health and happiness in 2013.

A toast to all my quilting friends!


Quilting Designs

Donna K asked the following on my first blog post:

“Love the new website! I’m finishing the Carpenter’s Wheel quilt. What quilting pattern do you recommend for the alternating fabric blocks and side triangles?”

What a great question, Donna.  I do have an extensive collection of quilting stencils.  (I love using them.)  My best solution for choosing the correct design is to use a white chalkoliner from Clover and sketch the design onto the quilt top to see if you like it.  You can rub it off if you don’t and then keep trying until you get the perfect design for your block.

Auditioning a quilting design on your quilt