Sawtooth Star Love…

When someone asks me what stamp set should I start with, I point them to the “Sawtooth Star” set of stamps.

Sawtooth Star set of stamps

You can make all kinds of blocks with this set, not just the “Star Toss” quilt pattern that is included in the set.

“Star Toss” one of my very favorite quilts!

This quilt has been “pinned” the most from my Pinterest board, too!

Love this picture and setting.

What else can you do with the set?  How about the “Civil War Mini Sampler“?  It is available as a pattern.  The blocks finish the same size as the star toss at 3 3/4”.

Civil War Mini Sampler pattern.

Want another quilt made with the same stamp set?  How about the “Nine Patch Civil War sampler“?  The blocks finish around 5 3/4”.

Nine Patch Civil War Sampler

Another 2 versions using this stamp set is “Bears and Berries“.  These were quilts that made for my Handwork in the Smokies retreats many years ago.  I love both versions, don’t you?

Strippy Version

Bears and Berries Block version.

So take out that set today and have fun stamping and planning.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting!

New Stamp! Tall Triangle

I get the BEST idea for stamps from my readers!  This one popped up as a suggestion last year.  It does take some time to make and test the stamps, but this one is a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

If you only have one stamp in your collection, the TALL TRIANGLE has to be it!

Tall Triangle Stamp

I love options and this one stamp has many!  I used it as a fabulous border on a new quilt I’m quilting.  I also used it as a border on a sampler quilt.  Look at this detail picture!

Border Suggestion

The stamp is 1 1/2″ wide and 2″ tall (finished size), so it fit on 6″, 9″ or 12″ blocks (or any multiple of 1 1/2″) easily.  Looking at this, you can see it is easy to “sequentially piece”, too!  You’ll be adding beautifully pieced borders to all your quilts!

I was also inspired to make a “Streak O’ Lightening” arrangement with the triangle shapes.  What a great way to use up your scraps!

Streak O’ Lightening idea

You can also make the “Double Kaleidoscope” using this new stamp.  I used the “Cracker Box” triangle for the corners, but a template is included with the pattern.

Double Kaleidoscope

There are instructions in the pattern for this quilt in the pattern and pictures of the other 2 suggestions on the cover.

Get your stamp here.

Template Stamps “Making your Piecing Fool Proof”



Sunburst Inspiration!

Last month when I was at Jo Morton’s handwork retreat in Nebraska, our focus was on hand piecing the “Sunburst Block“.  We used template stamps to stamp out blocks and Jo and I showed different ways to insert them into the background.  What FUN it was!  I took a few pictures to share with all of you.  I can’t wait to see what everyone does with their blocks from the seminar.

I’m hand quilting my second sunburst quilt and already have 5 more blocks done to put in an upcoming row quilt.

Here are some of the blocks to inspire you!

There were so many more, too!  I LOVE them all!  So much fun to hand piece, it is like eating peanuts, you can’t stop with one, LOL!

Want to join the fun?  Get your Sunburst Set here and start stamping!

Show off your blocks on the “Stitching with Cindy Blackberg face book page”.  I can’t wait to see your blocks!

Until next time,

Happy Stamping and Stitching!

How my stamps are made

I get some inquiries about my stamps and why I don’t use clear polypropylene. (I’ve tried polypropylene stamps and I’m not a fan.  They tend to stretch and you need to mount them exactly on a clear block.  The first stamps I tested were made of polypropylene and after a while they started to crack and dry out.)

Since I love seeing how things are made, I thought I’d run you by my process.  ALL my stamps are made in the US with quality US products by several small businesses, including mine.

First, I design something I might like to have made up in Corel.  I use a proportional scale because there is some shrinkage when the rubber is cooked.

Next I have a die and it’s reverse made up.  It is expensive to have a die made, so I do think about designs carefully before I have a die made.

die and reverse

Next the rubber is poured into the die and “cooked”.

Hot rubber coming your way!

The rubber “pancakes” are trimmed by hand and placed on a sticky back foam so they will have a “bounce” when using.

Sticky mount

Then they are hand cut AGAIN and laid on the appropriate size reforested wood.

Reforested California Hardwood

The wood is cut and sanded.

Sawing the wood.

Finally they are stuck onto the wood according to my design.  They are then packaged and mailed to me where I process them.

Remember the stamps are ALL mounted so that the finger holds should be aligned with the grain of the fabric.

Place fingers on the finger holds and stamp.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this trip to the factory today.  Until next time…

Happy Stamping!


Show and Tell!

Hi Everyone!

I just got home from Jo Morton’s handwork retreat in NE and the “Show and Tell” was again outstanding!

I thought I’d share some of the quilts that were made with my stamps.  I’m always in awe of you, my followers, and what you do with your stamps and patterns.

Here are just a few..

Nancy B’s Thistle

Don’t you just LOVE the way she fussy cut the points!

Carpenter’s Star

One comment Jo made was that it was okay to make just one block, finish it and USE it on a table.  LOVE this rendition, don’t you?

Carpenter’s star

Of course, you CAN make a full size quilt, too.  Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have this on YOUR bed!!!!

Anne’s Spool Quilt

How about a small spool quilt.  LOVE the fabrics!

Perhaps made with the Aunt Hattie’s hexagon stamp and connector?

Love this option, too!

I have sunburst blocks, too, to show you, but that will have to wait until next time!

You can order all these stamps on my website at

Click on the header bar link to template stamps (or scroll down to the category link picture and click on it), scroll down and click on the particular picture.  Information about each stamp should come up.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching and Stamping!


Finally Here! TN Waltz available…

For those of you that were a part of the “Mystery Quilt 2014”, your finished quilts were fabulous!  The final quilt was called, “Fancy Tennessee Waltz” because it had more than the plain TN Waltz blocks.  In the alternating blocks, the sunflower stamp set was appliqued onto an embroidered square.  I also used the large triangle to make the corners.

Fancy Tennessee Waltz

I LOVE options, don’t you?  I offered the people that were involved in the 2014 mystery another option made with just the TN Waltz stamps.  It is based on my 1992 widely successful first printed pattern, “Yankee Doodle”.  (If you were involved in the 2014 mystery and haven’t claimed your pattern, contact me through my contact page, available on my website at  Leave me your current address and I’ll send you the new “Yankee Doodle” pattern free.)

Updated version of Yankee Doodle.

The stamps for these quilts are unusually large, therefore more expensive to make, but to spare you purchasing a separate pattern for the “Fancy TN Waltz”, I’m including it free with the purchase of the stamp set.  (A $12 value.)  So your set will come with both patterns (Fancy TN Waltz and Yankee Doodle) plus the original stamps.  (Sunflower and Large Triangle are sold separate if you want to make the “Fancy TN Waltz” OR trace the enclosed templates.)

Order your set here!

Until next time,

Happy Stamping!

Scottish Mystery Wrap Up

Some of you have been posting your WONDERFUL quilt tops you’ve finished on the “Stitching with Cindy Blackberg” face book group page.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see so many ALREADY done!

Don’t forget to make your label for the back with your authentic Scottish plaid tartan.  (I stitched mine on AFTER the quilt was quilted with tiny invisible stitches.)

The label that is sewn on the back of my quilt.

A question came up recently asking if I cut away the extra fabric behind the appliqued thistle block.  Yes, I did because I was hand quilting it.

The back of my thistle block with excess being cut away.

I did love hand quilting my quilt, but don’t think that is the only way to finish your quilt.  There is no shame in handing your finished top to a qualified machine quilter.

My finished quilt.

Have fun completing your version of the “Wee Scottish Mystery” quilt and check out others on the “Stitching with Cindy Blackberg” face book page group.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting!


It’s BACK!

Hi everyone!  I’ve had more than a few requests for the stamp set I offered a couple years ago, “Cracker Box“.  (Remember I only had a few and was offering them as a first come, first serve.)  Well, I’ve had a rethink and when sorting out my designs I thought this easy peasy set will work several different ways.  It is super easy to hand piece and I plan on using one of the stamps in conjunction with a new one coming out next year.

Cracker Box set.

Here is the original piece I made as a sample in 30’s fabrics.  I just stamped out one in Christmas colors, too!

Cracker Box blocks finish to 4″.

Get your stamp set here.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching and Stamping!


Important Info!

Hi Everyone!

I was asked by some of you to send clue 5 for the Scottish Mystery quilt early so you can work on the quilt during your upcoming vacations.   You’ll be happy to know that Clue #5 went out yesterday.  PLEASE remember it sometimes take a week or more to get to your homes.  The final clue #6 will go out the beginning to mid July, as usual.

Many of you doing this Scottish Mystery also participated in the 2014 Mystery, “Fancy Tennessee Waltz“.  If you did, I’m asking you to contact me through the email on my website, .  (CONTACT is listed under the new header bar.)

Please email me your CURRENT SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS.  I have a FREE new pattern for you made with your 2014 Mystery Stamps as a thank you for participating!

And FINALLY…  Yes, the “Tennessee Waltz” original stamp set will be available for purchase later this summer, for those of you that missed out on this wonderful quilt.  Stay tuned!

Fancy Tennessee Waltz

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!

New Stamp!… Mini Bowtie!

Last year when I attended Jo Morton’s handwork retreat in Omaha, I was intrigued by two mini bowtie quilts.  How adorable they were!  It takes a while to design a stamp, have the die made, and test it.  But when I tested this one, I was hooked!

Mini Bowtie Sample

The blocks only finish 1 1/2″!  How cute is that!

I conserved space by putting both the outer piece and the inner square on the same stamp.

New Bowtie Stamp

You just stamp ONCE for each print and once for each light.  (You won’t need the light square, so I show you how to stamp in the instructions.) I used scraps of Jo’s “Gratitude” line to make my sample.

Wondering what the back looks like?  It presses very easy.  I did use 1/4″ seams, too.

Back side nice and flat.

I used 36 blocks and my sample is around 9″ square.  It IS adorable!

So sweet!

Want one?  Purchase your stamp here!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!