Good News, Bad News…

Hi Everyone!

While sorting through my inventory, I found some Inner City stamps.  I’m going to offer them at first come, first serve, no invoices, no checks.  You MUST have a Paypal account to purchase as Paypal will “count down” the amount I have left.

Inner City Stamp

This stamp will combine with Aunt Hattie’s Hexagon (1 1/8″ hexagon) to make other designs.

Option for using the inner city stamp.

Inner City Pattern included with the stamp.

Now for the bad news…  My new stamp distributor has had to raise my prices a significant amount.  I’m holding the line on my prices for a couple months.  After that time, I’m going to have to raise my prices on any remaining inventory.

I’m also going to discontinue some of my slower sellers.  The first 2 to go are the “Cracker Box” and the “Dresden Plate“.  I’ll have counters on these 2 stamps and when they are gone, they are gone.  I’m sorry to discontinue some of my personal favorites, but it is a business decision I’ve had to make.

I do have some additional good news!  I’m working on some new patterns that you are going to LOVE!  I’ll keep you posted!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!

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