Changes are a comin’!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been on vacation and visiting my new stamp vendor!  I’ve had a really wonderful 30 year relationship with my former stamp supplier, Jay.  He ran a family business along with his mom and pop.  Jay got my stamps to me quickly and efficiently.  When he retired recently he turned to a larger company that he had done business with many times, Holmes Custom.  Still a family business but with many more employees.  I enjoyed my tour of their “state of the art facilities” and met with some of the people that will be making my stamps.

My new liaison, Stephen.

I was fascinated by the manufacturing process.  My stamps will now be cut with a laser.

Laser cut synthetic rubber.

The rubber is more eco-friendly and gray!

Still mounted on reforested hardwood.

I’m in transition right now waiting on my designs to be uploaded and ready to access, so I’m out of a few of my designs, but they are due to arrive in 2 weeks.  I appreciate your patience!  I will send out your orders as soon as I can.

Stephen and Matt, two very helpful employees.  Stephen is working on uploading my designs.

I was able to test out a few of my stamps and the cushioning is still the same, the rubber will last as long as my old stamps and still mounted with on the wood exactly the same way.  AND, the prices will stay the same!  That is good news!

So, only one more thing to say…

I'd love to hear from you. . . .

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