Sawtooth Star Love…

When someone asks me what stamp set should I start with, I point them to the “Sawtooth Star” set of stamps.

Sawtooth Star set of stamps

You can make all kinds of blocks with this set, not just the “Star Toss” quilt pattern that is included in the set.

“Star Toss” one of my very favorite quilts!

This quilt has been “pinned” the most from my Pinterest board, too!

Love this picture and setting.

What else can you do with the set?  How about the “Civil War Mini Sampler“?  It is available as a pattern.  The blocks finish the same size as the star toss at 3 3/4”.

Civil War Mini Sampler pattern.

Want another quilt made with the same stamp set?  How about the “Nine Patch Civil War sampler“?  The blocks finish around 5 3/4”.

Nine Patch Civil War Sampler

Another 2 versions using this stamp set is “Bears and Berries“.  These were quilts that made for my Handwork in the Smokies retreats many years ago.  I love both versions, don’t you?

Strippy Version

Bears and Berries Block version.

So take out that set today and have fun stamping and planning.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting!


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  1. I’m looking for a set of stamps to make the feathered star quilt .I know some of your stamps must work for the pattern, but haven’t figured out which ones to use
    Love all your stamps
    Thanks for the help

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