Finally Here! TN Waltz available…

For those of you that were a part of the “Mystery Quilt 2014”, your finished quilts were fabulous!  The final quilt was called, “Fancy Tennessee Waltz” because it had more than the plain TN Waltz blocks.  In the alternating blocks, the sunflower stamp set was appliqued onto an embroidered square.  I also used the large triangle to make the corners.

Fancy Tennessee Waltz

I LOVE options, don’t you?  I offered the people that were involved in the 2014 mystery another option made with just the TN Waltz stamps.  It is based on my 1992 widely successful first printed pattern, “Yankee Doodle”.  (If you were involved in the 2014 mystery and haven’t claimed your pattern, contact me through my contact page, available on my website at  Leave me your current address and I’ll send you the new “Yankee Doodle” pattern free.)

Updated version of Yankee Doodle.

The stamps for these quilts are unusually large, therefore more expensive to make, but to spare you purchasing a separate pattern for the “Fancy TN Waltz”, I’m including it free with the purchase of the stamp set.  (A $12 value.)  So your set will come with both patterns (Fancy TN Waltz and Yankee Doodle) plus the original stamps.  (Sunflower and Large Triangle are sold separate if you want to make the “Fancy TN Waltz” OR trace the enclosed templates.)

Order your set here!

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