New Stamp!… Mini Bowtie!

Last year when I attended Jo Morton’s handwork retreat in Omaha, I was intrigued by two mini bowtie quilts.  How adorable they were!  It takes a while to design a stamp, have the die made, and test it.  But when I tested this one, I was hooked!

Mini Bowtie Sample

The blocks only finish 1 1/2″!  How cute is that!

I conserved space by putting both the outer piece and the inner square on the same stamp.

New Bowtie Stamp

You just stamp ONCE for each print and once for each light.  (You won’t need the light square, so I show you how to stamp in the instructions.) I used scraps of Jo’s “Gratitude” line to make my sample.

Wondering what the back looks like?  It presses very easy.  I did use 1/4″ seams, too.

Back side nice and flat.

I used 36 blocks and my sample is around 9″ square.  It IS adorable!

So sweet!

Want one?  Purchase your stamp here!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!



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