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One of the one-of-a-kind accessory notions I have on my website are my “Block Keepers” and “Needle Keepers” handmade by my sister, Gayle.  Gayle is a master at embroidery.

I designed my first “Needle Keeper” several years ago to take care of my wayward spool of quilting thread when I was flying to teach seminars.  I wanted a place for a small scissors and pack of needles plus a place for my thimble and pins.

Needle Case by Gayle

I have several of these Needle Cases for different uses.  I LOVE using one for my embroidery.

Using one needle keeper for my embroidery.

It was a few years later, I discovered that I needed a little larger keeper for 2 spools of hand quilting thread so I designed the block keeper.  It has a small wool pocket for keeping my pieces when I travel along with a pull out layout block for arranging my pieces as I work on my lap.  Only 4″ x 6″ when closed so it fits nicely in your purse.

Block Keeper

Gayle makes each keeper by hand with wool, not cheap wool felt. The wool is made by one of the last wool factories in the US, so you can be assured the entire keeper is made in America by American hands.

Gayle making block keepers as fast as she can!

If you order a block keeper or needle keeper in the month of May, I’ll add one spool of my favorite quilting thread for piecing, FREE of charge.

Needle Keeper on Left
Block Keeper on Right

Order your Needle Keeper here or Block Keeper here.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


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  1. I have the Thistle stamp. Am I able to do the stars put them together until I decide on a background fabric. Thank you

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