Teaching Tip… Piecing in a Circle Block

For those of you working on the Sunburst blocks, you might have questions about how did I get my blocks to lie so flat in my quilt.  Included in your Sunburst stamps are these instructions, but I thought I’d give you a detailed step by step.

First press your block from the back.

Press the seams in one direction.

Turn it over and press again, making sure your points are “pointy”.

Front view.

Turn over your blocks and measure from point to point.  (Do this on several of your blocks to make sure your stitching is consistent.)

My measurement is slightly less than 6″.

Your measurement might be different, so don’t be worried.  Everyone’s stitching is slightly different.

Now using a compass make a circle according to your measurement on template plastic.

My sunburst template.

Make sure your template fits INSIDE the stamped outside line.  There needs to be a pencil width inside for the next steps.

Using my pdf file I mark the 30° reference points all along the edge.

Notice I centered the plastic and my template doesn’t go out to the dotted line.  It doesn’t matter.  If you email me I’ll send you a PDF file of the “Sunburst Rays” for your use.

Now you just need to use your personal template to finish your block as shown in your instructions.

Press on the back, pressing the seams OUT from the block to create beautiful points.  (They will want to go toward the sunburst, so be the boss and force them out!)

Front of finished block.

Still shopping for the “perfect” background fabric, but this will do for now.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


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