Choosing Fabrics for the Scottish Mystery Quilt

Many of you have been concerned over choosing your border print for the upcoming Scottish Mystery.  By now all of you should have received your initial package with the mystery stamps, graphite pencil, template plastic and 4 handouts.  One of the handouts is in color and shows the fabrics I chose.

My color choices are only a guideline for you.  I chose them because Jo Morton’s new Gratitude line had just been produced.  It is fresh and different from colors I’ve used before.  BUT…  If this isn’t your cup of tea, be courageous and chose your own favorite fabrics.

Back to the border print…  I used the border print for the outside of the quilt and “harvested” some of the remaining borders to use in one of the mystery blocks.  You DO NOT need to use or buy a border fabric or a border print at this time if you can’t find one that you LOVE!  (Yes, you MUST LOVE your choices.)

Just buy a fat quarter that has some places you can fussy cut.  Here are a few examples:

Large flowers are a good choice.

Making a patriotic quilt? How about Betsy Ross?

Love all these items on this French General fabric.

The item you are going to fussy cut will be around 2 1/2″ square.  These choices are certainly large enough.

But if you have your heart set on a border print, here are some I found locally at Pappys Quilting Place.

Very graphic and looks Celtic.

Here is the same print in Red.

Just cut your 4 border strips first.  (Remember to add seam allowance to either side of the strip.)  Then you’ll have the rest to use in clue #2.

I hope this helps to stop the panic!  I always told my students in class that you all are smart women.  You chose the lovely clothes you are wearing today and you CAN choose fabrics you love.

I’m excited to begin!  I hope you are, too!  You can still sign up for the Scottish Mystery.  The first clue will go out the middle of February!

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Until then,

Happy Fabric Choosing!

I'd love to hear from you. . . .