Josephine’s Garden… Stamping and Piecing

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While I was at my stitching group this week, I had one of my newbies asking about piecing the “rounds” on Josephine’s Garden.  I keep forgetting that not everyone has taken workshops with me or has been stitching as long as I have.

I have a lot of good information on my website under  “TIPS” under the header bar.  One of the tips is basic stamping.  I won’t go over that again here, but will refer you to that tip if you are having problems with figuring out how to stamp.

In your “Josephine’s Garden” pattern I have a clear diagram of how to piece your first “round”.  It was the rest of the rounds my friend was having trouble figuring out.  You will ALWAYS be stitching your elongated hexagons to the center piece.

Sewing Sequence #1

Sewing Sequence #1

You can start anywhere on the center piece.  I found it easier to start on the top or bottom.  Then add the next piece to the adjacent side.  Sometimes you will be sewing 3 sides as this diagram shows.

Sewing Sequence #2

Sewing Sequence #2

When piece number 2 is sewn, you can add piece number 3.  Notice you only sew 2 sides onto the center.  You’ll be sewing the adjacent pieces checking the sides of the elongated hexagons as you sew.  (You can see piece number 4 will be sewn on 3 sides, 5 on 2 sides.  Just keep checking as you go!)

Try not to do this if you have fussy cut a piece!

Sewing it wrong!

Sewing it wrong!

Ask me how I know about this!  LOL!  Keep checking the orientation of your fussy cut pieces!

Hopefully, you are all sewing along on our handwork journey!  If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me or pose them on the Stitching With Cindy Blackberg Face Book Page.  Pictures are wonderful, too, and we all enjoy seeing your pieces as you work.

Another question came up as to whether to press each round.  It isn’t necessary, but you can if you prefer.  Just use a mini iron or no steam until the entire piece is constructed as shown on page 3 of your pattern.

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!


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  1. I am very excited to finally started the Garden. Took me a while to choose my fabric. Can’t wait to see everyone choices

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