Basic Stamping

Hi everyone!  I’ve received a few comments recently from new followers about basic steps.  I plan on doing some blog posts to cover these important subjects in the next few weeks.

I’m going to start with the very basic steps of stamping.  I know I posted some of this information a while ago, but it is always worth a new look.

First…  What is a template stamp?

A template stamp is a rubber stamp with piecing and cutting lines.

All my stamps come mounted on hard wood with finger holds that are placed parallel to the lengthwise grain of the fabric.

Single stamps

Single stamps

Ink up your stamp with VersaCraft ink.  I carry brown and white on my website.  Mostly you will use the brown, but occasionally you might need the white.

Versa Craft Ink and Reinkers

Versa Craft Ink and Reinkers

You can reink the pad about 50 times with a reinker, so do not throw the ink pad out if it gets a little dry.  Just order a reinker when you need it.  The pad has ink when you purchase it, it will last for at least 2 small quilts, one large one without having to reink.

Ink up your stamp by gently pressing into the pad.  If your stamp is large, just press it around the raised pad to ink up all the lines.

Ink up your stamp by gently pressing into the pad. If your stamp is large, just press it around the raised pad to ink up all the lines.

Now just press the stamp by lining up the finger holds on the lengthwise grain on the back of the fabric.  Give it a push, but don’t push so hard you get ink in the middle of your image.

Line it up to conserve fabric.

Line it up to conserve fabric.

Lift up your stamp and your image should look like this…

Image is correct.

Image is correct.

Now just cut out your image and use!

stamping steps 6

Cut it out on the outside line, piece it on the inside line.

The really great thing about stamping is that the seam allowances are consistently a perfect quarter inch!

Next time I’ll cover basic hand piecing!

Until then,

Happy Stitching!




Basic Stamping — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you so, so much! I want to take up hand piecing and the thought of tracing templates (trying to get accurate traces) has always but the kibosh on that plan. Your stamps will certainly allow me to at least start with accurate pieces and accurate seams. Thanks for sharing this info for us beginners!

  2. Thank you for going over these basic steps. I bought my ink, pad& a rubber stamp at least a year ago and haven’t used them yet because I was afraid I ruin something. I’ll be watching for your next part on basic hand piecing.

  3. Do you have a photo of the white ink on colored/darker fabric? I’m wondering how saturated it stays or if it is more translucent? Thanks!!

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